Senior Downsizing El Paso

It’s never too early to have a conversation about your future.

Families make decisions together. Senior Downsizing El Paso

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Senior Downsizing in El Paso

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is Transition Planning?

The process of assessing Senior Downsizing in El Paso where you are at, what you need now, short term, and in the long run, and developing a comprehensive game plan to get you there. Then coordinating everything along the way for you.

Can’t I just do it myself?

Yes! What our client often says is that ” the apprehension and burdens of the myriad of decisions and details involved, were just overwhelming and it made us stall on moving forward too long. I wish we would have done this 10 years earlier”

Who Hires a Transition Specialist?

Everyone who wants to make this move in the easiest way, with the least amount of hassle, and profit the most from their assets.

How is Elder Resource Group different from an Estate sale company or a Realtor?

Although those are part of what we do, we have found that those are not the things to tackle first. Ideally, we focus on helping the person first, the plan second, and then executing the plan based on what is best and the least chaotic for our client. We are a holistic service solution rather than one segment.

Free Consultation

It’s never too early to have a conversation about your future. Confidential, discreet & value-added, we will help you make a winning plan.

“I wish I would have made this transition 5 or 10 years ago. Life is just so much easier”

Betty Cauldwell

Senior Downsizing El Paso

Senior getting more information. Senior Downsizing El Paso

    You cannot improve on perfection and Kevin and Robyn are perfect. Their knowledge is top notch in every aspect of selling a home.

    — Dwight Walker – Georgetown, TX

    Kevin and Robyn patiently helped us through every step. I do not remember a time that I called, texted, or emailed that I didn’t get ahold of them or a very quick response. They kept us informed and were always available. Very happy with the communication they provided.

    — Shane & Stacey Werst – South Carolina

    “When I called Kevin about the interest in having him sell my property he automatically went to work. He send me all the data to support his thoughts on the house. He knew my parents home needed some work on the house for cosmetics. He suggested a contractor. The contractor was amazing. We got the house up and looking better than ever. Within a few days we had so many offers. We got offers higher than my asking price. I would use Kevin and Robyn Cooper again if I ever need to. –Elizabeth Kelley, El Paso Tx

    Downsizing your home in El Paso TX. Senior Downsizing El Paso

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