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Elder Resource Group Blog and Youtube Channel Launch!

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Senior Transitioning Blog

Well hi there welcome to our New YouTube Channel & Blog!

I’ve got some funny video things here but we’re going to try and get it worked out and hopefully get some good
information that can help you and your family at transition time.
There’s just a lot of stuff that we’d love to share with the public. We are announcing the Launch of Our New YouTube Channel & Blog!

A little bit about me my name is Kevin Cooper and my wife Robyn and I are both
Realtors for the last 22 years, and basically we uh we were you know “normal
agents” you know buying and selling, that kind of stuff.
To really kind of explain what it is we do I’ll tell you how we kind of backed into
working with Seniors and their families, and the main reason for starting our Senior Transitioning Blog.
I was referred a client in San Antonio Texas from a financial planner, and she was a lady that didn’t have any kids husband had passed away and she really had no one else.  So they asked me
to go talk to her and see how we might be able to help her cuz she
was needing to go to Assisted Living. She was kind of in bad shape and so I went to drive to the house and she lived at the end of a cul de sac, and I’ll never forget it because the house needed to be painted and the trees were overgrown and that kind of stuff,
and next door though there was so much activity going on. There was a plumber truck out front,
there were guys carrying sheetrock in, there were people on the roof, re-roofing the
house, landscapers were there tearing everything up… so there was just a whole
lot going on. In my mind I was thinking “well that’s great for you know my new
potential client! They’re going to get neighbors that have a beautiful home which will help their their home’s value”

What happened next was something I was not prepared for. My client, I’ll just call her Ms.
Jones, I won’t use her real name, but I met with Ms. Jones and when I went in the house, you know there was just a lot of stuff in the house. She was not very mobile anymore so you know
“where it got set.. is where it kind of landed and and there was stuff was starting
to pile up so she she definitely needed help. The house was in in major disrepair.

In talking with her, she was pretty cognizant and you know still with it and everything but she said to me “Kevin I can’t find my money” I said “well what do you mean? Is somebody helping you with your accounts or something like that?”
she goes 
“oh yes my neighbor is the best uh
they’ve been taking good care of me and
uh taking care of my my bills and uh but
we we just can’t find my money”

So long story short, the neighbor was siphoning off all of MS Jones funds and
renovating their house at the same time! Additionally, the neighbor was kind enough
to deed Mrs. Jones car over to themselves as well!!!

I’d never seen anything like that before to be honest. You know it was very shady and and criminal as far as I’m concerned. I called the police, I called the troubleshooters
at the TV station and of course and they were they were arrested and and charged
with criminal fraud.

That was my first introduction to the fact that there could be a lot fraud going on with
Elders. It just never occurred to me that somebody would do something like that. My realization was that

” my God there’s all
these predatory people around seniors
that are you know trying to pull a
a fast one!” 
In fact there were there others like a siding company that was trying to
put a lien on her house and put siding on her house when it’s it’s an all brick
home and didn’t need siding. Also there was a roofer telling her that her roof
was completely shot and it was it was only 2 years old! I had had a roofer look
at it there was nothing wrong with it, so they were trying to put a lien on the
house and on and on and on…
So Miss Jones she needed to move. She needed to get where she could get some
good care and she needed the money out of the house to do that. What I
realized is there’s just a lot of things that she needed that I didn’t know what
to do or or how to advise her on, so I went looking for help for her. I started talking to my
financial planners, geriatric care nurses, I mean just anybody I could talk to that worked with seniors that I knew were reputable, who had been referred to me and just kind
of plugging in and seeing how they
could help M Jones. Financial planners and all kinds of incredible group of professionals
that had a heart for taking care of people. Of course I met some shady folks too
and uh we made sure we don’t work with
So that’s how I got into it and and uh you know we were we were kind
of calling it uh you know Our Group… and so finally I just named it we call
it Elder Resource Group. After something like 500 seniors later , and over a
decade we’ve just helped a lot of folks! We realized you know it’s
really our passion, we love looking out for folks, and we love doing the right
We have you know added on Services Services since then. For instance, a lot of seniors meet with an agent and they tell them to just basically sell the house “as is”, which is fine. That’s one way to do it of course.
Having been a contractor in my past life, and also having renovated a lot of houses, and helped a lot of people renovate houses, I know that sometimes putting a few key updates into the house will net them a whole lot more money. If that asset is going to propel them
into their care in their later years, then they want to get everything out that
they can. So we started doing a cost-benefit analysis for them to see if it’s worth renovating or not. Ie.. If you put a dollar in can you get three out, or is
it not going to be worth putting in any money at all? We just want to give them the
absolute truth and all of the options that they possibly can have. That has really been our mission no matter what direction you decide to go.. you know
it doesn’t really matter. I just want to be an honest an ethical broker with
them, and provide as much Service as I possibly can. So that’s what we do, that’s where we come from.
We’ve just found it’s a real joy and a passion to work with seniors and their families!

So purpose of this channel and Senior Transitioning Blog, is we’re basically going to be, digging into every single aspect of
everything we’ve learned over the last 15 20 years and uh and trying to educate folks on how to do this right. How to do it like a pro, and not make mistakes along the way. 

Actually I wrote a book about it! I wanted to share our best know how and experiences and of course Miss Jones story is in there as well. So you’re welcome to order that too. It’s
absolutely free, and we offer that as a guide for Seniors and their families to help them make great decisions at transition time.

Well, this is how we’re starting so hopefully these videos will get better…
and I’ll get better.. Ha Ha, and hopefully you’ll be more informed about the process, so be sure to click the the like And subscribe buttons, and tune in again! We’ll be posting more videos and blog posts on Senior Transitioning Blog and Youtube channel as we go. thanks for coming

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