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How I accidentally started working with Seniors

My Story

Having been in the real estate business for 10 years at the time, I thought I had probably seen it all. That is when I was referred to an Elderly client by a dear friend who was a financial planner. I had no idea what a Senior Transition Specialist was, or anything about downsizing assistance for senior clients.

When I went to this elderly widow’s home, I noticed something strange when I drove up to the cul de sac. The neighbor next door had a lot of home improvement going on. I mean, like every trade was there at one time, which is unheard of. I saw painters, sheet rockers, plumbers roofers, concrete guys… All of them there at the same time!?
I went ahead and met with Ms. (jones) ( name withheld) who was very nice person, and very trusting, and I could tell was beginning to slow down a bit. Her home was filled to the gills with furniture, crafts, paper, and pets to the extent that you could barely move through it.

During our conversation, we got along very well and she confided in me “Kevin, I can’t find my money. It was in my bank account and now it’s not there”.

Long story short, The neighbor next door ( the renovator ) was taking care of her checking account for her, by siphoning off all of her money paying her bills, and as well as renovating their own house. They were even nice enough to forge her signature and transfer the title to her car over to themselves. Real sweethearts! Then I found out there were 2 other companies that wanted to do unneeded work to Ms. Jones home and place a lien on it! It was a brick home, and a siding company wanted to put siding over the brick and was pressuring her every day to get going! This was a startling revelation to me at the time.

“My God, there is an entire predatory culture of vultures preying on Seniors!”

Vulnerable Senior Citizen. Downsizing assistance

I just had no idea that someone would treat an elderly person like this and my wife Robyn and I were completely disgusted & appalled to learn this. There didn’t appear to be anyone that was offering downsizing assistance at all.

Through the course of our conversation, I learned that Ms. Jones had a lot more needs than real estate, and in fact those other needs needed to be met before we ever tackled real estate.

Ms. Jones needed to move to assisted living to get the care she needed and needed money to do it. I needed help to help this lady, and I needed expertise in different fields… fast!

So, after calling the police on the neighbor, I reached out to professionals I knew who worked with seniors for each issue she had. From Probate to legal and medical directives, to geriatric care managers, facility placement managers, Medicare Medicaid experts, Estate sales, Junk removal, Charities.. and on and on. I vetted and assembled an incredible team of experts in their field who specialize in working with the needs of Seniors, with one simple goal. To help this lady in the most ethical way possible and do right by her, no matter the outcome of the sale of the home. Do the right thing no matter what. Elder Resource Group was born.

Downsizing your home in El Paso TX

In the end, everything worked out fine for Ms. Jones. She was able to move to a great facility to get the care she needed, with enough money for her care through her senior years, the neighbors got the justice they deserved and we learned that we love standing in the gap for people. Helping our Elders with downsizing assistance has become the focal point of our business.

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