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Kevin was taught at a young age by his strict German mother that if you want something in life, you have to work for it. So that’s what he did. And he worked hard.

Kevin was raised in Ruidoso NM. As a child, Kevin had aspirations of being a Chef. Never in a million years did he think he’d stumble into the real estate industry, but you can’t always predict where or when you’ll discover what you’re meant to do in life.

As the years went by, Kevin worked his way from working in a ski shop to a Chef, then a Contractor, and eventually a Real Estate Consultant, never wavering in his resolve to become the best version of himself with each career move.

Kevin got into the real estate industry in 2002, almost 22 years ago when looking to get into real estate investing. He quickly realized the level of customer service from agents was terrible, and he could do a much better job working for sellers and buyers if earned his real estate license.

As his career advanced, Kevin found his stride working with Senior citizens and their families when it was time to transition to different living arrangements. He’s an expert Senior Transition Specialist, former contractor, renovator, facilitator, and negotiator.

Throughout his career, Kevin has earned numerous achievements, including:

Top 10 agent in every company he’s been with
Helped over 500 Seniors and their families
Has sold over 1800 homes
CEO Keller Williams Realty – El Paso – Las Cruces
Founder, Elder Resource Group & Sold On El Paso! team
Kevin lives in El Paso, TX with his wife & business partner Robyn, Daughter Riley and dog Jackie. In his free time, he enjoys Volunteering, Rotary, Hiking, Skiing, Camping, Lake time, Travel

When you work with Kevin & Robyn, you are guaranteed the highest level of expertise, compassion and diligence during your transition process.

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